Ian's Meal Solutions

At Ian’s, we make the delicious foods you love easy and convenient – high-quality and allergy-friendly. Chicken nuggets without wheat or casein? We’ve got that. French toast sticks without eggs? Yep, we’ve got that too. New sausage and fruit breakfast Pancrepes (that double as a snack/dessert), French bread pizzas, scrumptious Southwest Chicken Tenders, Smokin’ Sweet BBQ Nuggets perfectly paired with Ian’s Onion Rings, Sweet Potato or Fries Alphatots…trust Ian’s for all your family’s allergy-friendly/gluten free needs. And for the home chef, Ian’s proudly offers “Culinary Creations”, a line of distinct allergy-friendly/gluten-free breadcrumbs including savory Parmesan Garlic, crunchy Tortilla and crispy Organic Brown Rice, Savory Stuffing mix and artisan-cut Italian croutons that are perfect for snacking straight from the bag!