December 12, 2016

Cookie Swap

cookieswapAs an avid baker, the idea of a cookie swap around the holidays always had a lot of appeal…..until my daughter was diagnosed with a peanut allergy. I’ve attended a few, often with a good intentioned host that sets up a nut free table apart from the others. I’ve just never felt comfortable enough to take any of the “nut free” cookies home. Did the baker read all ingredient labels, pay attention to any cross contact statements or simply remember to use a different cookie sheet after baking another type of cookie that contains peanuts?

We all know how much work and time is involved in managing a food allergy. It’s just not something that can easily be entrusted to others. Here’s an idea at for a creative twist on the traditional cookie swap that requires some hands on effort at the event, but sounds like a lot of fun. The host determines all of the recipes and all of the ingredients. Different stations are set up for different types of cookies and attendees do the baking at the event rather than bringing cookies that have already been baked at home. Everyone has an opportunity to socialize and leave with delicious allergy friendly treats for the holidays! Happy Baking!!!