Food Service

Ian’s Allergy-Friendly/Gluten-Free products are now available to foodservice operators nationwide.

Several of the products below meet Child Nutrition (CN) Standards for schools K-12. Child Nutrition Programs are federally assisted programs that provide free or reduced price meals for children who meet income eligibility criteria.

Child Nutrition Programs must adhere to specific nutritional standards:

  • Calorie restrictions by three distinct age groups
  • Sodium targets to be phased in beginning of the 2014-15 school year
  • Saturated fat < 10% of total calories
  • Zero grams trans fat per serving
  • All grains must be whole grain rich
  • Daily minimum and weekly ranges for protein and grains.

For information on any of our foodservice items call 1-800-54-FOODS (36637) or email us at

Available Products All Natural Oven Ready No Wheat
or Gluten
No Casin
or Milk
No Eggs No Nuts No Soy Peanut Free Child Nutrition
AF/GF Whole Grain Southwest Chicken Tenders
AF/GF Cinnamon French Toast Sticks
AF/GF 1oz Whole Grain Crispy Pollock Stick CN
AF/GF 1oz Whole Grain Crispy Pollock Nugget CN
AF/GF 3.6oz Whole Grain Crispy Pollock Rectangle CN
AF/GF Whole Grain Golden Chicken Nuggets CN
AF/GF Whole Grain Golden Chicken Patties CN
AF/GF 4-6oz Tortilla Crusted Tilapia
AF/GF Chicken Tenders
AF/GF Onion Rings
  • Ian's Pizza
  • Ian's Fish
  • Ian's Chicken
  • Ian's Chicken
  • Ian's Onion Rings